Where Are You Now?

Thinking about getting a divorce?

Getting a divorce is a huge decision. Your questions are important and we want to help equip you with knowledge about your situation ahead of time. 

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Going through your divorce?

Do you need help with a particular financial aspect of your divorce that you are concerned about? Would you like a comprehensive analysis of a settlement that is being proposed to you or that you are proposing? Are you having a hard time agreeing on financial issues? 

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Already Divorced?

Are you re-litigating for clarification on a financial issue? Do you need help following through on a financial transaction that is required from your divorce? Do you need help with a QDRO? 

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What are your specific questions?

Your concerns and situation is unique to you. Getting as much information ahead of time can be very beneficial. We can help you with an accurate view of your current financial situation and help you work through different scenarios of the division of your assets ahead of time. 

We can also help you identify questions you should be thinking about, but may not be. This is the time to be completely educated about your financial world and we can help in a very cost effective manner. 

In The Divorce Process

The divorce process is usually extremely overwhelming. You are often answering long term questions while feeling like you don't have enough information. That is where we can play a strong role in making you feel confident about the financial decisions you are dealing with. Here are some of the main areas we can help with:


  • Show you the difference between your separate and marital property so you know what is on the table to be divided and what may not be 
  • Inventory your assets
  • Look for hidden assets 
  • Look at property valuation
  • Find out if one person can keep the marital home

Spousal and Child Support

  • Know what the courts look at when considering spousal support
  • Provide you with a supporting analysis for spousal support if there is reasonable criteria for it 
  • Calculate child support for you 
  • Create for you multiple scenarios of spousal and child support for consideration and negotiation
  • Find out if paying more spousal support will benefit both the payor and payee
  • Help you take advantage of an extremely favorable tax law relating to spousal support that will expire in 2018

Retirement Accounts

  • Give you options for dividing the retirement account 
  • Learn if you can get a penalty free early distribution from a qualified retirement account if additional income is temporarily needed
  • Calculate the current value of a pension
  • Calculate the marital portion of a pension or retirement account. 
  • Oversight in obtaining an effective QDRO - Qualified Domestic Relations Order that is used to divide a retirement account

Tax Treatment of Assets

  • Cost basis calculation 
  • Estimate the tax impact with each asset in the division of assets so you are working with a more accurate value of your assets

Tax Laws Relating to Divorce

  • Educate you on the tax rules of property transfers so you are sure to follow and include in your order the favorable rules allowed in a divorce to avoid unnecessary tax consequences
  • Help you avoid "re-capture" taxes (taxes that you are now responsible for because of not following tax laws relating to divorce) 

Post Divorce

Follow Through on the Divorce Decree

After a divorce, it is time to work through the action items required to fulfill your court orders. We can help you with the execution of many of the financial requirements. We also help clients set up their financial future. In the unfortunate situation of needing to re-litigate a financial aspect of your divorce, give us a call to discuss the issue and find out if we can help.